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Denver 2015: A review in photos

December 17, 2015 8

What an exciting year 2015 has been in Denver. Below are a few of my favorite photos from the year. Some of them I have posted with articles and some have not been shared before.

I also want to take this as an opportunity to encourage my readers to email their favorite photos of Denver from 2015. I would be happy to showcase these photos in a post on Denver Urban Review. Many of you have already been passing along your own photos of construction sites, and I have very much enjoyed looking at the photos and corresponding with my readers.

To begin here is a photo of Pivot Denver under construction from this October:

Pivot Denver

The Denver Skyline as viewed from Diamond Hill during a June Thunderstorm:

Denver lightning

Looking towards the northwest from 1800 Larimer, the LoDo and Union Station neighborhoods of Denver can be seen during the month of March.

LoDo Denver

The Denver Skyline from Auraria Campus:

Denver Skyline

The view looking down 14th street in downtown Denver from 1401 Lawrence in September:

14th Street Denver

Colorado State Capitol from Civic Center park after a dusting of snow in November:

Colorado State Capitol

Looking down 20th Street at night in October:

20th Street Denver

The Brown Palace and SkyHouse Denver in November:

SkyHouse Denver

For the last photo, here is one of Denver’s Union Station with Pivot Denver under construction:

Denver Union Station

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  • Jordan says:

    Always fun to watch the changes happen over the course of a year like this. Plus these are genuinely beautiful photos on their own! My favorite is the one of the State Capitol.

  • Nicholas says:

    Great photographs. I especially love the one of 20th Street. I am so happy to see that old building renovated into a restaurant.

    • Justin says:

      Thank you Nicholas. When going to baseball games in the 90s as a kid we used to park near there and I remember that building was home to an adult book store. That area sure has changed in the last 20 years.

  • Rob C says:

    Well done!

  • Alex says:

    Well done! The CPV/Union Station area is going to add some serious density to the area. Can’t wait to see next years recap!

  • Alex says:

    Also, anyone know if there has been any progress on the office building projects along Colfax across from Anschutz? Signs with renderings for 8-10 story structures have been up for a while now…

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