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Justin Martin loves to read and write about construction and development news and he thanks you for stopping by. As a kid Justin never wanted to go to daycare, but always insisted that he tag along to work with his dad a residential builder. As a kindergartner Justin could be found on the job site gluing scrap 2x4s together.

During Justin’s teenage and college years he always worked construction jobs and particularly enjoyed working new residential construction in  Cherry Creek North where he would grab a clean button down shirt from his car during his lunch break, toss it on over his sawdust covered t-shirt and stroll down 2nd Ave. to do his best to fit in with the “Creek Crowd” before heading back to the job site.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Colorado State University, Justin firmly believes in abiding by strong ethics and will never post information or a rendering of a project without the consent of the developer or until an official press release has been sent to the media.

Justin has an eclectic mix of professional experiences. He has worked in the internal public relations department for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association, has done promotional and marketing work for Kroenke Sports, and has been an accomplished freelance writer.

You won’t meet anyone else who is more proud to have Denver as their place of birth. Justin looks forward to covering the construction and development news that impacts his home town.


B.A. Journalism Colorado State University

M.S. Sport Commerce University of Memphis


Denver Urban Review is your dedicated source for construction and development news in the Mile High City. From the skyscrapers of Denver to historic photographs of Denver, you will find it all right here.