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May construction update

May 8, 2015 9

After returning from my trip to Seattle and Vancouver, the first thing I wanted to do was take a look at the progress of the construction projects in and around downtown Denver. This is Denver Urban Review’s most epic construction update thus far.

Speer Boulevard Apartments

Photographed above is the Speer Boulevard apartments.  This project is located at 6th Avenue and Speer. Once completed this structure will be 6 floors.

7th and Sherman

Below grade work takes place at the site of the 7th and Sherman apartments.

Moto Apartment

The MOTO apartments (above) at 8th Avenue and Sherman Street has reached its full height in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. A coffee shop and a barber shop are slated to occupy ground floor retail space in this structure.

8th and Broadway apartments

Pictured above is the apartment project that sits between Broadway and Lincoln at 8th Avenue. This project has reached its full height.

Joule Denver

The Joule apartment project (above) is located in Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood at Speer Boulevard and Cherokee Street.

Alexan Uptown

Once completed the Alexan Uptown project (above) at Logan and 19th Avenue will feature 372 apartments units in a 12-story building. Work is now taking place on the parking structure upon which the apartment units will reside.

Below is a photo of the Skyhouse Denver apartment project that is set to rise at Broadway and 18th Street. Once completed Skyhouse Denver will rise to 26-stories.

SkyHouse Denver


Z Block

Work continues on the Z Block project in Lower Downtown Denver. The recent rains combined with the construction sites around town have helped to create an abundance of short-lived ponds.

Kimpton Hotel Denver

The construction site in the picture above is set to become the home a Kimpton Hotel as well as a boutique office space. Also shown on the left hand side of the photo os the Triangle building which in nearing completion. The Triangle building will become the new home of Liberty Global.

1601 Wewatta

Exterior work on 1601 Wewatta nears completion in Denver’s Union Station neighborhood.


The 17W (above) site is a very active construction site these days. Somebody better lock that gate before any construction nerds begin to wonder in.


Currently the construction site of the 34-story Confluence luxury apartment project at 15th and Little Raven is a muddy place to work.


Work is now taking place on the 4th floor of the 1401 Lawrence office project. Once completed this project will reach 22 floors.

Hyatt Place Hyatt House

Pictured above is the dual brand Hyatt House/Hyatt Place hotel at 14th Street and Glenarm Place.

All photos were taken May 6th.

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  • JBK says:

    Great update, thank you!

  • Rob C says:

    Thanks for the update

    • Dan says:

      Good stuff, what were your impressions of Seattle (my fave US city) and Vancouver vs Denver? Seattle is pretty crazy with so many new large projects going up.

      • Dan says:

        Reply fail. :-)

      • Justin says:

        Vancouver really impressed me with its abundant and thoughtful bike lanes. Vancouver’s Stanley Park is the best urban park I have ever been to with a great balance between landscaped areas and natural areas. It’s also the most walkable city I have ever been to and would recommend that “city nerds” should visit Vancouver- it really is a city that is in a class of its own. I also found that the retail in downtown Vancouver is a tremendous mix of restaurants, upscale clothing outlets, and utilitarian shops such as dry cleaners and neighborhood hardware stores. Vancouver also has an international feel to it with its diverse population.

        Comparing Denver to Seattle; I think Denver and Seattle are more on par with one another than I thought before I went on my trip up there. I would give a slight edge to Seattle just because there are fewer holes (parking lots) in its urban fabric. Seattle like most coastal cities has a more diverse food scene as well.

        I took the train from Seattle to Vancouver which afforded me the opportunity to check out both of their train stations. It is not even close- Denver’s Union Station is far more dynamic than both of theirs- it is not even close.

        Seattle and especially Vancouver have a great number more thin/tall residential towers. This has me excited for the Confluence project and it is my hope that the Confluence will be the catalyst for more tall/thin residential buildings in the Mile HIgh City.

        . . .I think I might just have to compose a more formal article on my thoughts on these three cities

    • ardyess says:

      Yes, thanks for all of these updates, and for all of these site pix snapped in one day….. and probably not even that long of a day to do so since all of the these 15 projects are pretty well centered to DT, Lower DT, CapHill or GT?

      • Justin says:

        Hi Ardyess,
        It took about 4 hours, but I had lunch and grabbed a coffee along the way. I started at 6th Ave. and Speer and worked my way to the northwest and then wove my back after taking a look at the Confluence project.

    • Justin says:

      Thanks Rob!

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