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Campaign begins in support of DIA “aerotropolis” initiative

September 14, 2015 0

This month, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Adams County Commissioner Erik Hansen joined leaders from Adams County and Denver at Denver International Airport to launch the “1A for DIA” campaign.

Image courtesy Denver International Airport

Image courtesy Denver International Airport

For this initiative to come to fruition, it will require voter approval on Nov. 3rd from Denver and Adams County voters. The aim of this agreement is to create economic opportunities and job growth by developing the available land at DIA.

“DIA is an economic powerhouse,” Mayor Hancock said. “The airport pumps more than $26 billion a year into the state’s economy, making it the leading economic driver in the region. 1A for DIA will allow the airport to continue to be a catalyst for economic development for the metro area, giving us the opportunity to strengthen our economy, produce thousands more jobs, and attract new businesses into the region.

1A for DIA campaign is targeting voters in both Adams County and Denver to support new commercial businesses at DIA, bringing new manufacturing, new retail, and an estimated 12,000 new jobs to the airport according to the 1A campaign. 

In 2016 the commuter rail line that has been under construction will connect DIA to Denver’s Union Station will open. Trains will run every 15 minutes, and at a top speed of 79 mph passengers will be travel from DIA to downtown Denver in just under 40 minuets.  Currently the trains are being tested in advance of the 2016 opening.

“DIA has a major transportation advantage, sitting at the center of interstate highways, freight rail lines, passenger rail, and international air shipping routes. Combine that with our world-class workforce, and DIA has advantages that make it competitive with major cities across the world. By passing 1A for DIA, voters in Adams County and Denver can bring DIA and our entire region to the world stage,” said Adams County Commissioner Hansen. “And we’re able to elevate Colorado’s economy without raising taxes.”

Measure 1A does not create new taxes or raise any tax rates, with money created by the new businesses to be split evenly between Adams County and Denver. Current restrictions on noise and residential development will remain unchanged under 1A. 

“Twenty years ago, the opening of DIA introduced Colorado to the world,” said Denver International Airport CEO Kim Day. “With our new hotel, new passenger rail line, and as the 5th busiest airport in the country, DIA is a world-class operation. Voters in Denver and Adams County have the opportunity to take DIA to the next level and compete internationally for businesses that will boost the entire region’s economy.”

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