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Opening date for Westin DIA announced

June 2, 2015 2

Denver International Airport (DIA) and The Westin have announced that the DIA Westin will open to guests at 3 p.m. on November 19th, 2015. The Westin DIA will house 519 rooms in the 433,000 square foot, 14-story hotel.

Westin DIA. Photo courtesy DIA and Westin.

Westin DIA. Photo courtesy DIA and Westin.

“Adding a state-of-the-art hotel and conference center to our international airport places our region front and center as a leader in travel, transportation and tourism,” said Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “We now look to the completed vision of a commuter rail that will soon connect DIA to downtown Denver, creating additional economic opportunities along the Peña Boulevard corridor stretching to our city core.”

The Westin DIA has been constructed in concert with the airport’s new transit center. In 2016 the East Line, a commuter rail line will open and provide a connection to downtown Denver on trains that will reach a top speed of 79mph. Trains will run every 15 minuets during peak hours along the 22.8 mile line and will deliver passengers from DIA to Denver’s historic Union Station in 35 minutes. The hotel was designed by international design firm Gensler which also designed the recently completed 16M mixed-use development in downtown Denver.

Rendering of Westin Hotel and public plaza. Image courtesy DIA.

Rendering of Westin Hotel and public plaza. Image courtesy DIA.

“We are thrilled to be delivering our brand promise For A Better You to Denver International Airport before the busy holiday travel season begins,” said Tom Curley, general manager of The Westin DIA. “As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Denver is primed to soon have a hotel with refreshing ambience that allows the traveler to feel well while on the road, as well as a conference and transit center that will connect more people with everything the Rocky Mountains have to offer.”

The hotel will feature a 37,000 square foot conference center and an additional 19 meeting rooms. A swimming pool and exercise facility are also included. Adjacent to the Westin DIA will be an 82,000 square foot public plaza that can be utilized for events and entertainment.




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  • MJM says:

    I still think it looks like a cargo ship, but taking my son to the airport this last weekend, he thinks it looks like a whale tail!!

    • Justin says:

      Hi MJM,

      I have not thought about that before, but I do see what you mean in regards to it looking like a whale’s tale. The original idea, and this goes back to when Santiago Calatrava was involved in the project, was to create a structure that invokes flight or the shape of wings.