A nickname for 1144 Fifteenth Street?

June 11, 2015 9

Now that 1144 Fifteenth Street has broken ground and construction has begun, I have pondered for some time if this next great addition to Denver’s skyline is in need of a nickname. I feel that to say 1144 Fifteenth Street is a little bit of a mouthful.

Denver's Cash Register Building. DUR winter 2015.

Denver’s Cash Register Building. DUR winter 2015.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not trying to undermine anyone’s marketing or branding efforts  (this article is categorized as editorial by the way). I thought it would be fun to hear your ideas for possible nicknames for this building similar to how the Wells Fargo Center is known as the “Cash Register Building” around town.

To me it seems obvious as to why the Cash Register Building has its nickname, but 1144 Fifteenth Street’s shape likely has more room for interpretation. Pickard Chilton is the architecture firm that designed this project and they shed light on their website as to the inspiration for the unique contours of this structure.

“The elegant tower and its massing have been designed to be evocative of the surrounding Rocky Mountains and to establish a geological metaphor within its urban context,” as stated on Pickard Chilton’s website.

Image courtesy Hines.

Image courtesy Hines.

Image Courtesy Hines.

Image Courtesy Hines.

I view the above statement as providing us with a starting point for nickname ideas. A nickname that involves the Rocky Mountians could not only create a distinctive nickname, but could also create a geographical link between the building and its location in Denver, Colorado— a distinction that not even the Cash Register Building can claim. In other words, a nickname that is congruent with the shape of 1144 15th Street and Colorado’s landscape is a must.

Below are few of my ideas and I invite you to share your thoughts for nicknames.

  • The Elevation
  • The Peak
  • The Summit 
  • The Crest
  • The Apex
  • The Ridge
  • The Pinnacle 



There are 9 comments

  • Ryan Nee says:

    No developer would ever choose these, but…

    The Oven Mitt
    The Glass Hoagie
    The Exogorth (the creature in the asteroid in Empire Strikes back)

  • Justin says:


    The Glass Hoagie . . . that is creative and sure did put a smile on my face. Also, any ideas that involve Star Wars references deserves bonus points.

  • Guy says:

    Mt. Denver

  • Greggy says:

    “Can you smell what the rock is cooking?” tower! LOL or just call it The Rock!

  • Larry Lisser says:

    Top left makes me think of ‘The Ski Jump’.

  • Freddie says:

    As much as I like your idea of giving it a nickname like The Ridge or The Peak that highlights its relationship to the Rocky Mountains, I don’t think it will take. It’s a romantic idea, but it doesn’t actually look enough like any particular mountain feature to really invoke an instantly recognizable image of mountains in the eyes of its beholders – not in the same way the Cash Register Building’s shape easily invokes the idea of a cash register that’s universally recognized. More likely it will adopt a quirkier nickname, sort of like the Cheese Grater in London – perhaps The Steak Sandwich or The Crystal? I like the hoagie idea. It’s totally a hoagie!

    • Freddie says:

      …if it ultimately adopts a nickname at all. This one might be a stretch. It just doesn’t look enough like anything specific in my eyes. It could also end up adopting the name of its anchor tenant.

  • Dave says:

    I like “The Ascent”

  • Dave says:

    I say call it “Twin Peaks”…
    It has two mirrored peak shape, almost the same.