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Denver Skyline Looking West

November 26, 2016 6

The Denver Skyline is my favorite subject to photograph. The Wednesday before turkey day I snapped a couple photos of the Denver Skyline looking towards the Rocky Mountains. To the right of the Four Seasons, you can see the crane of 1155 Fifteenth Street. Based on this, the top portion of 1144 Fifteenth Street will be visible from this vantage point.

The Denver Skyline sure does look impressive looking towards to mountains.

I going to get a print of the black and white one and hang it on my wall along with my other favorite photos of Denver.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving,


Denver Skyline

Denver Skyline

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  • David Jones says:

    I like the vantage point from I-70 heading west just past the Purina complex. It really shows off the density and fullness of the Denver skyline.

  • Freddie says:

    I suppose the skyline can look impressive looking west towards the mountains, but unfortunately that’s not the case from most ground-level vantage points. The way the skyline sits down in a valley makes it look stumpy and somewhat unimpressive unless you can find a vantage point that’s high enough to expose the bottom 20 stories or so of downtown’s skyscrapers that would otherwise be sunk below the horizon. I once saw an ad for a penthouse at the top of one of those huge brown skyrises on the south side of the park that featured a picture of the Denver skyline from the balcony of the penthouse. I was blown away. I would say that vantage point offers a better view of the skyline than anywhere else in the city.

    Speaking of vantage points, during my daily walk around the park today I decided to wander over to East High School to see if I could figure out where these pictures were taken from (just based off of my memory of seeing them the night before). I couldn’t figure it out. :)

  • Ryan says:

    Awesome shot — thanks Justin!