Ridership numbers increase for Denver B-cycle
April 12, 2015 at 11:31 pm 0
Denver B-cycle released their 2014 report which highlights an increase in system use. Ridership and total miles ridden increased by 43 percent and membership in the bike sharing program rose by 29 percent in 2014. An estimated 803,498 miles were covered by B-cycle users in 2014, an increase of 243,074 miles over 2013. "The numbers in this report speak for themselves," said Denver B-cycle Executive Director Nick Bohnenkamp. "Greater system reliability, strong relationships with our partners, and a vibrant Denver are only a few of the factors that brought even more members into the system in 2014."
B-Cycle station next to REI near 15th Street and Platte.

B-Cycle station next to REI near 15th Street and Platte. Photo Credit: Urban Safari Photography

B-cycle is the Mile High City's bicycle sharing program. The system allows people to rent a bike for a small fee. Riders have the option of dropping off the rented bicycle at any b-cycle station. Annual passes are available and discounts for seniors, students and members of the armed forces are offered. "Looking forward, we have a couple new stations slated to be installed in 2015. However, we have come to realize that “growth” means more than new B-cycle stations. Growth means more riders, more trips, more B-cycles in the right places at the right times," stated Boenekamp. The City of Denver has worked to add more bike lanes to its streets in recent years. Denver has a plan in place to improve the streetscape of Brighton Boulevard which includes the addition of bike lanes to that corridor. B-cycle stations are located at the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Zoo and all other major cultural venues in town. Cycling helps to offset the negative impacts of automobile use such as carbon emissions, parking and traffic problems, and also helps to increase physical fitness.   Photo courtesy Urban Safari Photography