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Inside The Daniels & Fisher Tower

April 21, 2016 0

Daniels & Fisher Tower

Daniels & Fisher TowerThis week I was provided the opportunity to tour The Daniels & Fisher Tower in Downtown Denver thanks to the folks that manage the event space on the upper floors of the building. Over a hundred events a year are held at the property and range from weddings to corporate events. The structure is located at the corner of 16th Street and Arapahoe Street.

The Daniels & Fisher Tower was completed in 1911, and at the time was not only the tallest building in Denver, but the tallest building west of the Mississippi. The tower reaches 393 feet and was designed by architect Frederick Sterner. The tower was inspired by the St Mark’s Campanile, a bell tower located in Venice, Italy.

A performing arts venue is located in the basement of the property and is home to the popular Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret. I attended the cabaret show a couple of years back– it’s a trip and worth attending.

During the urban renewal chapter of the 60s and 70s entire downtown blocks of Victorian era buildings in Denver were demolished. The Daniels and Fisher Tower nearly fell victim to the wrecking ball during this time. However, there was enough public outcry to save the structure. The original department store that was connected to the tower was demolished however.

This was my first time back inside The Daniels & Fisher Tower since I was a little kid in the early 90s. My dad had a friend who had an office in the tower and I have a couple of faint memories of tagging along with my dad to visit his friend’s office.

A narrow outdoor space encompasses the tower a level above the clock faces. The views from this historic structure are amazing, and it makes for a great vantage point to check on the ever-changing urban landscape of the Mile High City.

In this photo we see downtown Denver looking towards the south. If you look below the Convention Center Hyatt, the construction site of what will become the 20-story dual-brand Le Meridien/AC Hotels at 15th and California is visible.

Downtown Denver

This photo aims towards the southwest directly at the 45-story Four Seasons Hotel and Residences. From this perspective the construction sites of 1144 Fifteenth Street and 1401 Lawrence are visible.

1401 Lawrence 1144 Fifteenth Street

Pointing the camera towards the northwest, the 16th Street Mall can be seen all the way to the Millennium bridge. Looking down 16th Street adjacent to Union Station is the construction crane for the Kimpton hotel development. Just to the right of the Barclay (the white high-rise) and in front of the glass house, we have a peek at the Pivot Denver project.

16th Street Mall

Here is a photo looking towards the north:

Downtown Denver

Looking towards the northeast:

Downtown Denver

Here is a pano of the western side of Downtown Denver. Click to enlarge. When this image is enlarged you can see the one of the construction cranes of what will become the 34-story The Confluence apartment project- the crane is gray, so it’s not the easiest to spot but it is seen just the right of the upper part the red brick Larimer Place Condos.

Downtown Denver Panorama

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