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June 29, 2015 2

I have collected a nice little library of Denver photos over the past few months while documenting the progress of the construction projects taking shape around town. Some of the images I have captured are not related to specific news stories, but still wanted to share a few of my favorites below. Have a good Monday everybody!

The train platform at Denver’s Union Station is now a popular place to take pictures. I know I have taken my fair share of photographs of the platform and canopy.


Denver Union Station


I happened to be in the right place at the right time when the conductor of Amtrak’s California Zephyr was walking down the platform. It caught my eye and I snapped a few photos. This was during one of those chilly and rainy days this spring.


Denver Union Station Train California Zephyr


I have attempted to take a photo from Speer looking towards the Four Seasons on a couple of occasions.  The below image is my favorite from that spot.


Four Seasons Denver Skyline


Denver Skyline


The composition of the above image and the one proceeding it will change greatly in the months to come. You can see 1401 Lawrence, a 22-story office project is beginning to make an impact. In 30 months 1144 15th Street will be completed and will truly redefine the skyline from this angle.

Below are a couple photos where I have been experimenting with a wide-angle lens. Both of the below images show 1999 Broadway—my favorite building in Denver.


Downtown Denver RTD


1999 Broadway


A few weeks back I was taking pictures of the Alexan Uptown project and turned around and really liked the way the church steeple was framed right in between the Cash Register building and the Denver Financial Center.


Denver Skyline Cash Register


LoDo Denver


LoDo Denver


The above photos were taken at 15th street in LoDo. The old brick buildings of LoDo have just as much character at night as they do during the day. Thank goodness these buildings were not lost to the wrecking ball.

The other night I was taking pictures in the Golden Triangle. There are many unique and photogenic structures in this part of town such as the Denver Library, and the Frederic C. Hamilton building of the Denver Art Museum that was designed by Daniel Libeskind.


Denver Art Museum Hamilton Libeskind


Denver Union Station


Denver’s Union Station neighborhood is rapidly evolving. In the next few weeks the view from the 18th Street pedestrian bridge will change as the 17W project goes vertical.


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  • Rob C says:

    Superb photos. You have a great eye.